And God has appointed these in the church: first apostles, second prophets, third teachers, after that miracles, then gifts of healings,

helps, administrations, varieties of tongues. Helps, in this context, refers to one who gives relief and help; one who lightens the load

of leaders by doing certain practical things for them.  I Corinthians 12: 28


The Helps Ministry is an act of Christian service. The Helps Ministry’s contribution to the service, directly and indirectly, is vital. It is a coordinated effort to help usher people into God’s presence while maintaining order in His House. Being a part of a Helps Ministry is service to God, service to the Pastor, and service to God’s people.

The function of the Ministry of Helps is to help the local church in practical ways, and to relieve the Pastor of routine responsibilities. The purpose of the Ministry of Helps is to bring order to the House of God in order to lighten the load of the leadership.  The Ministry of Helps consists of many areas, but falls into the following categories at The ROCK Church:


A Greeter is generally the worshiper’s first impression of The ROCK Church. A Greeter’s goal is to make worshipers feel welcome. It is the Greeter’s goal to prepare the atmosphere in the foyer so that when worshipers enter the service, they are able to receive God’s Word and His supernatural signs, wonders, and miracles.


An Usher is an instrumental part of a worship service whose responsibilities encompass a wide range of meaningful tasks at The ROCK Church. They include: (a) Assisting the pastor to bring his vision for the local church to fulfillment; (b) Greeting worshipers to make them feel welcome; (c) Maintain order during the service and prayer lines or altar calls; (d) Receive the offering; and, (e) Assist worshipers from their vehicle to the sanctuary during the rainy season or if they are in need of assistance, i.e. the elderly, disabled, or mothers with children.

Altar Workers

The role of an Altar Worker is a very important position at The ROCK Church. It is a position that assists the pastor at the altar. The position requires interacting with people during altar calls, line calls, prayer, salvation, deliverance, and healing.

Altar Counselors

After an altar call, line call, or other prayer line, there may be a need to pray individually with those who respond to the call. An Altar Counselor shares the need of salvation, shares God’s solution based upon the Word of God and leading of the Holy Spirit, brings the worshiper to the point of decision, and prays with that person.

Contact Us

Helps Ministry Pastors, Gary and Sandy Chambless, are available to answer your questions or assist you. To contact Gary and Sandy, CLICK HERE.